Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry 211
Schedule for Semester I, Summer 2013
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  Dates Experiment # Experiment Title Experiment Type
General Lab Information (docx) (pdf)
Forces and Factors (docx) (pdf)
Laboratory Equipment
  May 31

Experiment 1a (docx)
Experiment 1a (pdf)

General Lab Information
Gas Chromatography/Steam Distillation
  June 3 Experiment-1b
Experiment 1a (pdf)
Fractional Distillation/Simple Distillation
  June 5 Experiment 2 (docx)
Experiment 2 (pdf)
Recrystallization PR, C
  June 10 Experiment 3 (docx)
Experiment 3 (pdf)
Extraction of Caffeine from Tea
  June 12 Experiment 4 (DOC) (PDF)

Experiment 18 (PDF)
Introduction to Spectroscopy


  June 14

Experiment 4 (DOC) (PDF)
Experiment 18 (PDF)

Introduction to Spectroscopy (Continued)

D2O Addition of Fumarate to Malate Run NMR

  June 17

Experiment 10a (DOCX)
Experiment 10a (PDF)


NMR Workshop

  June 19 Electrophilic Addition
Experiment 10a (DOCX)
Experiment 10a (PDF)

Electrophilic Addition

Recrystallize Diels-Alder Product

  June 24 Experiment 7 Nucleophilic Substitution:
Preparation of 1-Bromobutane
  June 26 Experiment 6b Free Radical Substitution:
Chlorination of chlorobutane

PR Prelab only
C Conference on results and postlab with instructor
P Preparative experiment/write-up
I Investigative experiment/write-up
F Form write-up
G Group experiment/write-up.  Only one report per group.
1 There will be one report written for two parts of this experiment.
2 Limited write up. See specific instructions in lab book.
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