Organic Chemistry 211, Summer 2013

Maryellen Nerz-Stormes, Ph.D.

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Office Hour Schedule

I have office hours daily, and by appointment.   Please refer to the Office Hour Schedule.
General Information about Chem 211 Lecture What you need for the course, and course rules.
Topics to be Covered Lecture Topics, Chapter Cross Reference and Tentative dates for the course.
Lecture Quiz and Exam Schedule Scheduled quizzes and exam dates.
General Information about Chem 211 Laboratory What you need for Lab.
Chem 211 Lab
Find out what labs are scheduled, and general information about the labs.
How to contact me
Office number: 610-526-5102
Text: 610-888-4530
(I check my e-mail regularly from home.)
Office location: Park Hall, Room 170
Useful Organic Chemistry Virtual Library In addition to providing basic information about the organic chemistry laboratory courses at Bryn Mawr College, this website contains links to sites that are useful to organic chemistry students.
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