Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry 212
Due Dates, Spring 2000
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Due Date Lab
Week of 1/31 TLC of Analgesics
Chromatography of Amino Acids
Week of 2/7 Scent Lab
Week of 2/14 Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Week of 2/21 Pre-lab Grignard
Week of 2/28 Post-lab Grignard and
Synthesis of Isoamyl Acetate Pre-Lab
Week of 3/13 Post-lab of Isoamyl Acetate
Total Synthesis Library Assignment and
Proposed Synthetic Sequence
Week of 3/20 Assigned Problems I
Week of 3/27 Assigned Problems II
Week of 4/3 Assigned Problems III
Week of 4/10 Rough Draft of Introduction and
Experiments and Results for Total Synthesis Project Paper

Week of 4/24 Spectroscopy Presentations
Final Draft of Total Synthesis Project Paper