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General Information about
Chem 212 Lecture
Spring 2019
Dr. M Nerz-Stormes

Sixth Edition Organic Chemistry by Marc Loudon, Jim Parise
Supplemental book
Klein, D.R. Organic Chemistry as a Second language: Second Semester Topics, Third edition, highly recommended

The following information is very important and should be carefully noted by each student.


Class Meetings: January 23 - May 5, 2019
Undergradate section: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (10:10-11:00 AM) Room 180
Friday (2:10-3:00 PM) (location to be announced)
All Meetings in  PSB room 180 (The Berliner Lecture Hall)


Basis for Grading:
0-5% bonus
Two, 90 minute, self-scheduled, self administered, exams 42%
8 to 10, 10 to 15 minute quizzes (in class) 20%
One, three-hour, self scheduled final exam, cummulative from January 28%
Credit for written answers to worksheets and written out mechanisms to flashcards 6%
Attendance 4%
The lecture part of the course is worth 70% of the organic chemistry grade.  The lab is worth 30%.  At the end of the course, the grade earned in lecture will be scaled down to a score based on 70 total points.  This grade will be added to your laboratory grade which will be scaled to 30.  Upon combination, the undergraduate grades will be considered and grades on the 4.0 scale will be assigned.   With each exam, students will be given an idea as to how  they are doing on the 4.0 scale.  The instructor will curve grades when averages are significantly below 75%.


Scheduled exam dates:
Exam 1: Week of March 6, 2019, self-scheduled, administered by library
Exam 2: Week of April 23, 2019, self-scheduled, administered by library
Quizzes: In class on Friday PM, 10-15 minutes, announced on prior Monday.
Important for your grade worksheets and flashcard work. You will be directed on two ocassions to turn these in and they will be returned rapidly.
Final: During Final Exam Period -self-scheduled: May 7 - May 18

It is generally suggested that you complete alternate problems at the end of each chapter and all worksheets.


Topics to be Covered

I. Chemistry 212 Tools    
Acids and Bases Revisited Worksheets January 23, 2019
Review of Stereochemistry    
Functional Groups    
II.Chemistry of Conjugated Systems    
Chemistry of allylic and benzylic systems ‐ a review Chapter 17 January 22 ‐ February 1
Chemistry of dienes and related compounds, molecular orbital theory Chapter 15  
aromaticity Worksheets/Flashcards  
Molecular Orbital Theory, Chemistry of Aromatics (very fundamental) Chapter 15, 16, 18  
III. Organometallic Chapter 18 February 3 ‐ February 5
  Worksheets, Flashcards  
IV.Quinones and Semiquinones Chapter 18 February 15-16
V. Carbonyl Chemistry    
General Principles    
The Chemistry of Aldehydes and Ketones  worksheets, flashcards Chapter 19

February 17-20
The Chemistry of Carboxylic Acids Chapter 20

February 27
The Chemistry of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives Chapter 21

Febryary 29 - March 6
The Chemistry of Enolate Ions, Enols, and Alpha, beta unsaturated carbonyl compounds Chapter 22

March 8 - 15
VI.Carbohydrates Chapter 24 March 27 - 31
VII.The Chemistry of Amines Peptides and Proteins Chapter 27 April 3 - 10
VIII. Emzume Kinetics Metabolism Chapter 27 April 12 - 19
5.Policies regarding extensions, make-up exams and extra help.
Extensions and make-up exams will be allowed only in extreme situations. The student must have approval from dean and instructor.
6.Honor Code:
Unless directed otherwise by the instructor, all written work is to be done independently without the aid of humans, textbooks, notebooks or other written materials. When time is called you are obligated to immediately turn in quizzes and exams.
All students must have an email account because vital messages are routinely sent out via email. If you are new to the course, please send the instructor an email at mnerzsto@brynmawr.edu.
8.the web:
The web is a very big part of this and the laboratory course. If you haven't checked out yet, please visit the organic chemistry web site that is linked into Noodle site or just Google "Nerz-Stormes".

Maryellen Nerz-Stormes, Ph.D.
Senior Laboratory Lecturer in Chemistry

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